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vamp_icons's Journal

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This community is a place for vampire icons (movies, series, books, .... )
This is a moderated community, so I can check if you make your post according to the rules !!

Rules for taking Icons:

- Make Comments if you take !!! Icon makers like to know where their creations go !! Comments are mostly appreciated ^_^ even if you don't take !
- Credit is absolutely a must if you take !!!

Rules For Posting Icons:

- you have to make your post as followed :

- You can put up to 10 icons without a cut (always use a icon table please) if have more than 10 icons to post then post like this : 3 or 4 teasers have to be posted and the rest of them under a cut !! The icons under the post must be posted with an icon table, you can use your own or use this Icon Table Generator made by 77words it is very easy to use !

- Only one subject per post (it's easier for me to put them in the memories) Thanks !
You are allowed to post as many entries you want at any time, as long as you separate the subjects.

- Do not post mixed icons only vampire related icons !!! Thank you !!

- Animated Icons are allowed.
- NO nudity, profanity, or risque/questionable/adult subject matter.

General Posting + Commenting Rules:

- Please be considerate and polite at all times. Even if you do not like something someone has posted, please refrain from yelling or cursing at people.
- Please do not post things that are off topic. Things that are off topic are anything that is not directly related to icons. This means general discussion, layout help, ect. Such things will be deleted immediately. Spam posts will be deleted and marked as spam. Spam includes advertising for other communities, so please be aware of what you post. Spammers will be banned.
- Icon thieves will be banned.

Policies on Icon Theft

- If you post using an icon that is deliberately not credited, and someone calls you on it, please rectify the situation by either giving the icon maker credit or removing the icon. If you refuse to do this, you will be banned from the community.
- Do not post icons that are not yours. This will get you banned.

The moderator is [info]deedee26 , any questions or comments will go to her.
Moderator's Personal Graphic Journal [info]deedee_graphics



If you want to become an affiliate, please comment in any post ^^